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What type of Implants are best for me?

What Type of Breast Implant is Best?

The fact of the matter is, the best breast implant is the one that is right for your preferences, goals, and expectations. That may sound great, but how do you know which one is right for you? The key is to seek the guidance and advice of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Samir Ahire.

What is the Right time for getting my procedure?

In terms of the scheduling/timing of breast augmentation, items to plan for include:
Scheduling pre-operative and post-operative appointments at our practice
When you want your results ready to show off

This time of year – the autumn and winter – can be a great time to schedule breast enlargement surgery. With summer social activities and vacations winding down, you may find it easier to schedule the time required for the augmentation process. Fall and winter can also offer some special perks for the recovery aspect, mainly that you can bundle up and conceal swelling during sweater weather! Cozy up inside with a good book or a movie, whereas summer sometimes involves sleeveless tanks, bikinis, and lots of activities with friends and family.

Which Breast Implant Profile should I Choose?

Choosing the right breast implant profile is an important decision that will play a significant role in your breast augmentation outcome. The best implant profile for you will depend on a variety of factors, including:

The proportions of your body will impact the ideal implant profile for you since the same breast implant will look very different on two women with different body types. When determining the right implant profile for you, Dr. Ahire will evaluate your frame size, the width of your chest, and the amount of natural breast tissue you possess. Dr. Ahire will also consider your aesthetic goals. Are you looking for subtle, natural looking results or a more dramatic outcome? Is prominent cleavage an important goal for you? Do you prefer a fuller, rounder breast appearance? Your answer to these questions will help determine the right breast implant profile for you.

How you’d like the breast implants to feel under your breast tissue?

Look and feel: Many women report that silicone breast implants provide the most natural look and feel. The silicone gel used in today’s breast implants closely mimics breast fat. Especially for women who do not have a lot of breast tissue to cover the implant, a silicone implant can offer optimal final results.

Want to make the Right Decision?

Customizing your breast augmentation options is an exciting part of the process, but we know it can be daunting because you want to be sure you are making the right choices. Dr. Samir Ahire has been performing breast surgery for many years, and he will help you navigate these options so that you can enjoy results that make you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in your skin.

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