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How is Breast reduction Surgery done?

Breast reduction surgery involves removal of excess Breast tissue, Fat & skin. The Nipple & Areola are shifted to a higher position. The size of the areola is also reduced. Skin that was formerly located above the nipple is brought down and together to reshape the breast. This would result in smaller & more attractive Breast. Liposuction is usually required for Axillary & lateral chest wall folds. There are various techniques for Breast Reduction, each having its advantages & disadvantages Dr Samir will discuss with you the various techniques & let you know which one is best for you.

Am I a candidate for Breast Reduction surgery?

Yes, if you have any of the following symptoms,
Asymmetry in Breast size.
Back & Neck pain because of the heavy weight of Breast.
Indentations on your shoulder due to tight bra straps.
Rashes underneath the breast.
Breasts are large in proportion to your body size.
Heavy pendulous breast with Nipple Areola complex (NAC) pointing downwards.
Physical disability like shortness of breath, due to large size breast.
Breast reduction surgery is usually done in early adolescence or after pregnancy & Breastfeeding. In adolescence, it’s advisable to wait until breast development has been completed. Pregnancy & breastfeeding may have significant changes in size and shape of Breast; therefore, the procedure is recommended after completion of Family. Weight should stabilize before surgery.

What will be my breast size after Breast Reduction Surgery?

During Consultation, Dr Samir will ask your desired Breast size & shape. The Surgeon will assess your Breast size & shape, the position of NAC, quality of skin & Body frame. This will help Dr Samir to understand your expectations & will let you know what really can be achieved.

How do I proceed with breast reduction surgery?

After Consultation with Dr Samir Ahire, you will be asked to get few blood tests done, to ascertain your general fitness for Breast Reduction Surgery. You are asked to come to the clinic in the morning on the day of surgery.Breast Reduction Surgery is done under General Anesthesia. The Breast Reduction Surgery last 3-4hrs on an average. You will be shifted to your room after Breast Reduction Surgery. Your Breast would be wrapped in gauze dressings. There may be some Postoperative Swelling & bruising over the chest, but it settles down fast.

Follow Up?

First, follow up on the 7th day after surgery. Your gauze dressings will be changed. Second Follow up on the 10th day for stitch removal. You will be asked to wear support/ sports bra for 1- 3 months.

How painful is breast reduction surgery?

Pain is typically most intense in the days immediately following surgery and then begins to subside. Soreness can continue for up to two to three weeks following surgery, but this is more like the feeling experienced after a hard workout.

When can I resume my normal activities?

You can resume your personal chorus from the next day of surgery. But we advise you to keep your activities restricted for at least 7 days. Vigorous movements of the arm may be restricted for a few weeks. Sexual activities are restricted for a few weeks.

What will be the consequences of Breast reduction surgery?

The Nipple Areola sensations & ability to Breastfeed are preserved. The Scar lines generally fade over time. However, they are permanent lines & may be in some women they may be more noticeable. But they are easily concealed by clothing, even in low cut necklines.

What is the cost of Breast reduction surgery?

Evolve Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai & Goa are the most cost-effective destination for your procedure. Here Procedures are performed as per International standards at Indian prices.

How many sizes can you go down in a breast reduction?

How much your breasts can be reduced depends on your size, breast composition and goals. During your consultation, Dr Samir Ahire will help you determine the best plan. Most breast reduction patients go down one to two cup sizes.

Do breasts grow back after reduction?

Most patients have a permanent reduction of breast size after surgery. Although not common, on occasion breast tissue can grow back after breast reduction. These patients may notice their breasts enlarge later in life after a pregnancy, starting birth control pills, gaining weight or even undergoing menopause.

How much weight is removed in breast reduction?

Weight of breast tissue removed. This number may be 450 grams, 500 grams or 600 grams& can be up to 1 kg.

Can I lay flat after mastectomy?

While it is possible to sleep on your side after breast surgery, it comes with some medical concerns that aren’t worth the risk. Instead, Dr Samir Ahire recommends that patients who have had breast surgery sleep exclusively on their backs until they are fully healed.

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