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Policy on Refunds & Re-treatment


Refunds will be available when there is a wrong payment or swiping of card into Evolve Cosmetic Clinic account. Refunds are also available when there is a change in patient’s general medical condition like Cardiac, Pulmonary or Endocrinal etc, rendering the patient unsuitable for said treatment.

Cosmetic treatment outcome (much like all medical) depends on many factors including condition and progress of under-lying disease, patient’s biology, pre-and post-treatment care and patient’s compliance. If Evolve Cosmetic Clinic management, subject to review by the Evolve Cosmetic Clinic Quality Processes, determines that treatment outcome could have been better, they under sole discretion may approve refunds.

Refund Process (Time required for the process to complete 15-30 days)

  1. Refund process will start once written request is received from patient with reasons. Request should have been initiated within 6 months.
  2. For Refund: Patient will submit documents, receipts, x-rays. Patient will also return appliances if any, to the treating clinic for which refund is asked. No refund will be eligible if there is a loss of prosthesis or failure to return the implant.
  3. Evolve Cosmetic Clinic Quality Team will review refund request based on all facts & patient-provided records pertaining to the underlying condition and reserves full and complete right to approve the above.
  4. Consultations, x-rays, diagnosis & treatment planning, membership plans are not eligible for refund; these will be deducted. Lab charges for prosthesis, aligners, crowns, dentures etc. will also be deducted.


Refund Claims will not be eligible:

  1. Treatment has started / part completed /implant have been ordered.
  2. Patient does not report for treatment for long time and condition deteriorates or the fit has changed; like in cases of Implants etc.
  3. 6 months have passed since the treatment is over or the patient gets treatment done at any clinic outside.
  4. Patient did not comply with instructions or failed to report for further treatment like in implants as advised.
  5. If the treatment is booked under ‘zero interest’ finance schemes.

Compulsory Deductions Implant/Other Treatment

1              Cancellation of Implant treatment            – Rs 10,000

2              For any other Treatment                          – Rs 5,000



Evolve Cosmetic Clinic always aims to ensure best clinical practices by highly qualified and trained doctors in its clinics. However, if the prognosis/outcome of any treatment is not on the desired lines, due to various limitations.

Re-treatment will be undertaken on priority by Evolve Cosmetic Clinic in case: (limited to 6 months unless otherwise specified)

  1. When treatment outcome is not as per patient’s satisfaction – Patient should have been regular in appointments and post-operative check-ups and followed instructions and not done anything contrary to instructions. However, if the patient has not complied with appointments and/or instructions as specified by the surgeon during the treatment, leading to a situation resulting in need of additional procedure to rectify the presented situation, difference in costs will be paid for by the patient. If the cost of re-treatment is higher than previously paid, differential amount will be paid by the patient.
  2. In case of failed treatment: Re-treatment or alternate treatment at any Evolve Cosmetic Clinic within 6 months will be undertaken.
  3. Patient should not have got any treatment done from a clinic other than Evolve Cosmetic Clinic to qualify for the re-treatment.

Implant Patient’ will qualify for Re-treatment: Within 1 yr. of completion of treatment if:

  1. Patient has come for balance treatment in time, both for Implant surgery etc.
  2. Patient must have followed post-operative instructions, maintained normal blood parameters specially Serum Calcium & Vit D & abstained from smoking.
  3. Diabetic or hypertension patients should have come for timely post-operative check-ups every month till prosthesis is fitted and then every alternate month for one year.
  4. Will not Qualify: If the patient has delayed coming to get the balance treatment done (implant surgery), re-treatment will not be eligible. Additional costs will be applicable as per procedure.


Patient Relocates to Other City/Country

  1. Treatment will be continued, or the Re-Treatment will be undertaken at any Evolve Cosmetic Clinic across the country after consultation by Evolve Cosmetic Clinic, subject to approval by the Management on case to case basis.


In case a patient has made any attempt to defame Evolve Cosmetic Clinic or the doctors of Evolve Cosmetic Clinic, management reserves the right to reject the claim for refund or retreatment. Evolve Cosmetic Clinic   Management reserves the right to accept or reject any refund claim based on the clinical findings & patient history. Management has also the right to accept or reject any Re-treatment if the patient has not followed the instructions. Disputes if any are subject to exclusive Jurisdiction of Mumbai courts, where the company has its registered office.

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