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What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to get rid of the surplus skin and fat deposits, usually seen after pregnancy/ weight loss over the tummy, by making an incision in the lower part of tummy/abdomen and removing extra fat and skin to give you that youthful look which you always dreamt of.

What is the cause of lax surplus skin and Stretch marks?

With repeated/ prolonged stretching of skin (as in pregnancy/obesity) the elasticity of the skin is lost and there are breaks in dermis (deep) layer of skin. When the stretch factor is gone, the skin cannot contract back to the underlying muscle contour, resulting in lax skin and striae marks. No matter whatever you, its difficult to lose this kind of fat.

Is tummy tuck surgery safe?

Are tummy tucks safe? Like any surgery, a tummy tuck has risks. These include bleeding, infection and complications from anesthesia. In general, this is a very safe procedure if performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with proper care.

Do you do liposuction also?

Yes, a tummy tuck is usually preceded by liposuction of tummy and flanks to achieve perfect contour.

Can I get pregnant after tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck does not affect pregnancy in any way. But we advise females to first complete their family because there will be a recurrence of excess skin after pregnancy.

Tell me Something about Tummy tuck Surgery?

Few blood tests need to be done to ascertain your general fitness for Tummy tuck Surgery. Tummy tuck Surgery is more of a daycare procedure now and you can go home back late in the evening. It is done under Regional or General Anesthesia. The surgery lasts 2-3 hrs on average and patients needs admission for 1-2 days.

How painful is a tummy tuck?

The truth is, nothing about the tummy tuck recovery is excruciating. The discomfort after a tummy tuck comes not from the incision, which will actually be numb for some time, but from the muscle tightening. Evolve cosmetic clinic has the best post-surgery care , as we have dedicated round the clock pain management specialist with us.

Follow Up?

First follow up on the 3rd day after surgery, and suture removal on the 10th day.

When can I join my work?

You can join your duties 3 days after surgery, but we advise one-week rest.

Is Postoperative care required?

You need to wear pressure garments for about 1-2 months.

Will there be a scar?

Yes, there will be scar along bikini line, but it is well hidden in underwear. With time the scar softens down and become unnoticeable.

How many sizes do you lose with a tummy tuck?

Once again, the stomach will “look” better and flatter despite the lack of dropping down in the clothing size. To summarize, following cosmetic surgery tummy tuck, most women will go down a size or two in their clothing size. Some woman won’t have a change of size, and rarely some will actually go up in size.

What is the cost of Tummy tuck Surgery in Mumbai?

Evolve Cosmetic Clinics is the cost-effective destination for your tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai& Goa. Here Procedures are performed as per International standards at Indian prices.

Does fat come back after a tummy tuck?

For patients who have dealt with stubborn excess fat and skin for a long time, a tummy tuck can provide a tremendous boost in confidence and self-esteem. Your body will look completely transformed following a tummy tuck.

Is 50 too old for a tummy tuck?

There is no age that is too old for a tummy tuck if you are in good health.

How much weight do you lose after a tummy tuck?

If you are seeking abdominoplasty to restore your stomach after an injury, pregnancy, natural weight loss, or age, you probably will only lose two to five kg of excess skin after this procedure. However, losing excess skin can make exercise easier. This can spur significant weight loss after the procedure.

What is a mini tuck?

While most people think the term “mini” simply implies a shorter incision, the actual medical definition of a mini tummy tuck refers to removing some skin in the lower abdomen without incising around the belly button or tightening the muscles above the belly button.

How can I get my insurance to pay for a tummy tuck?

In many cases, a tummy tuck is merely a cosmetic procedure, and most insurance plans will not cover this.

Is tummy tuck recovery worse than C section?

Generally speaking, most patients report easier recovery from tummy tuck surgery than C-section. Although patients vary in their pain tolerance and recovery, both procedures are comparable in terms of rehabilitation and mobility.

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