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Vaginoplasty Surgery in Mumbai

Vaginoplasty: An Overview of all the Pros and Cons.

Vaginoplasty is a procedure to construct or repair a vagina. It treats various medical issues, including vaginal injury due to childbirth and pelvic floor disease complications. It’s also for creating a transgender vagina, which helps individuals achieve their preferred gender identity.

What is vaginoplasty Procedure?

Vaginoplasty can mean a lot of different things, but in general, it’s a procedure to construct or repair the vagina. It is a term used for procedures ranging from New Vaginal Creation to Vaginal Tightening Surgery. Here we will be discussing regarding Vaginal Tightening Surgery.

What actual happens during vaginoplasty?

The details of the procedure depend on your goals or medical needs and include reconstruction or rejuvenation/recreation of the vagina.

Who needs vaginoplasty?

  1. Individuals seeking repair of childbirth defects or trauma.
  2. To improve sexual function.
  3. Transgender individuals undergoing gender affirmation surgery.
  4. Women born with congenital abnormalities (issues present from birth) affecting the development of the vagina.

Is vaginoplasty the same as vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginoplasty is one type of procedure to improve the vagina’s appearance or function. Other vaginal rejuvenation procedures include:

1. Labiaplasty, which evens out or decreases the size of the labia
— the fleshy lobes of the vagina.

2. Vulvoplasty, which reshapes the outer part of the vagina.

What happens before vaginoplasty?

You undergo assessments and testing to prepare for surgery. These tests may include:

  1. Physical exam to assess your health and learn more about your medical history.
  2. Patient education about risks, benefits and postsurgical care requirements.
  3. Recommendations that lower your risk of complications, including quitting smoking.

Is Vaginoplasty surgery painful?

Vaginoplasty is done under general anaesthesia; so you would not feel the pain. And lignocaine infiltration also prevents immediate post-operative pain.

What are the Benefits after surgery?

  1. Cosmetic appearance:

Those who want to give a maiden or Barbie looks to their introitus.

Those who want to achieve a pre-pregnancy body profile.

  1. Function

Passing gas through the vaginal opening (vaginal flatulence)

Urinary incontinence is a problem of involuntary leakage of urine is corrected by vaginoplasty. Always getting dragging sensation in the vagina due to prolapse caused by repeated childbirth requiring vaginoplasty Feeling of something coming out and descending through the vagina, a problem corrected by vaginoplasty. Vagina which has become so loose that even tampons fall out.

  1. Intimate Life

Decreased or loss of sensation during intimate relation restored by the vaginoplasty Decreased sexual satisfaction due to the lax vaginal introitus regains by vaginoplasty Loss of interest during sexual intercourse can be treated with vaginoplasty Pain during intercourse can be sorted out by vaginoplasty.

  1. Confidence

You are confident about going to relation Improves marriage life Regaining lost confidence.

What are the risks and benefits of vaginoplasty for gender affirmation?

One of the main benefits is relief from gender dysphoria. After surgery, individuals achieve better consistency with the gender they identify with. This has enormous benefits on people’s mental health and improves their quality of life.

What is recovery like after vaginoplasty?

Recovery may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the extent of surgery. Postsurgical care after vaginoplasty depends on the type of vaginoplasty performed.

When can I have sexual intercourse after Vaginoplasty?

Wait just for 4 weeks after surgery, you can have relation after 4 weeks.

Will the scars be visible in the Vaginoplasty?

In vaginoplasty, the incision is the inside vagina, which is not visible. If the incision is extended to the perineum, the stitches are taken with the finest absorbable material to minimize scarring. Our post-operative scar treatment protocol makes it almost inconspicuous.

Will I need to use a vaginal dilator?

Dr Samir Ahire may recommend the use of a dilator in patients with Neo Vagina creation. This device gently stretches the inside of your vagina in order to maintain the depth and calibre of your vagina. You may or may not need to use a dilator following vaginoplasty rejuvenation or vaginal tightening surgery.

Is the Vaginoplasty surgery long-lasting?

Vaginoplasty is meant to give permanent results until you undergo vaginal childbirth. It may sag or loosen as a part of the normal aging process.

Can I have a normal delivery after Vaginoplasty?

Yes, you can have a normal pregnancy after vaginoplasty, but the achieved result will go away. That’s why one should opt for vaginoplasty after completion of the family.

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