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A breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammoplasty, which removes excess boobs tissues and skin to achieve a proper proportionate breast with an aesthetic size suited to the patient’s acceptable body figure and physique. Disproportionately large size can cause both physical and mental distress. A Macromastia is a condition of having an unwanted or abnormally large size of boobs that causes pain and discomfort. Pain can be challenging as it hampers oneself from daily physical activities. Thus, it has great importance to receive cosmetic procedure and get the aesthetically acceptable figure.Physically as well as emotionally it is not acceptable to have a larger, disproportionate or heavy boob. It causes a lack of aesthetic appeal and beauty, which may lead to some other associated issues such as neck pain, backache, shoulder pain, and also difficulties in regular activities of daily life. However, it has a great concern to deal with the breast reduction/mammaplasty surgery as many women are now receiving it. Having the best proportionate breast enhances the aesthetic beauty and physical appeal with the contoured boob shape via the mammoplasty procedure.

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