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After pregnancy, you might notice displeasing and permanent effects on your abdomen, breasts, thighs, and even your buttocks. While it is natural for your body to go through such changes during the exciting time of childbearing, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to reverse those changes once you’ve given birth to your healthy bundle of joy. At Evolve Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Samir Ahire can develop a specialized solution built just for you! Our personalized Mommy Makeover includes a combination of techniques to give you a silhouette that improves your quality of life and overall confidence. Many patients find that after a Mommy Makeover their body looks and feels more youthful. You deserve to treat yourself to a Mommy Makeover that will restore the appearance of the body you had before pregnancy.



You may consider a Mommy Makeover if you are generally healthy and wish to address the upsetting cosmetic consequences of pregnancy, such as skin laxity, excess fat, volume loss, and stretch marks. Good candidates for a Mommy Makeover can relate to the following concerns:
Sagging or drooping breasts
Downward-facing nipples
Excess body fat
Abdominal skin laxity
Poor waistline contour



Depending on the details of your personalized surgery, the process can take between three and six hours to complete. This procedure typically includes the techniques listed below.




Liposuction is a fat removal technique that can be used to pinpoint localized fat on virtually any area of the body. Many women choose to add liposuction to their Mommy Makeover to refine their shape and give their figure a smoother surface.


Tummy Tuck


Because pregnancy alters the appearance of the abdomen, most Mommy Makeover patients opt for tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck can remove folds of excess tissue and repair damaged rectus muscles. The result is a tighter, firmer core and smaller waist.


Breast Enhancement


Women who experience significant breast volume loss may want to achieve larger, fuller, and more youthful breasts. Breast augmentation can increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts, while breast lift surgery can remove sagging skin and give the breasts a perkier aesthetic.
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Immediately after surgery, you might feel tired and sluggish. In the days following your surgery, it might help to transition and recover at home with the help of a family caregiver. It is recommended to arrange for someone to stay with you for the first 48 hours after surgery, particularly if you have children to take care of at home. Recovery can take anywhere between two and six weeks, depending on which techniques were used. Most patients can return to work within two weeks, but exercise and strenuous activities must be avoided for four weeks. Women are encouraged to take daily walks and to get plenty of rest to heal quickly and comfortably.



Recovering from Childbirth


Women can still experience changes in their figure for several months after having a baby. It is up to you to decide when you want to schedule your Mommy Makeover, but the best time to invest is after you have fully recovered from childbirth. If you struggle with excess fat and skin laxity six to nine months after giving birth, you may want to start planning your body enhancement journey.


Subsequent Pregnancies


Patients are usually advised to postpone their Mommy Makeover surgery until their childbearing days are complete. Most women choose to wait until after their final pregnancy to undergo a Mommy Makeover because another pregnancy following their procedure will likely reverse their initial results by altering the appearance of the abdomen and breasts. It is also recommended to maintain a stable and healthy weight for several months before the procedure and to remain active after recovery to preserve the outcome of a Mommy Makeover.




For those worried about scars, it is important to note that scarring may develop in the areas where the incisions are created. The location and size of your incisions depend on the procedures that have been performed. However, if all of the provided post-operative instructions are carefully followed, the incisions should heal nicely, and any scarring is likely to diminish over time.



Caring and providing for your family is one of the most challenging jobs any woman has. You deserve to look and feel your best every day. If you are considering a restorative procedure after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, let us be of service. Dr. Samir specializes in the art of aesthetics, focusing intently on the needs of each patient on an individual basis. We would love to help bring out and enhance your inner beauty because your happiness matters.

Dr. SamirAhire is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose primary goal is to help his patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals in a caring and relaxing environment. Call Evolve Cosmetic Clinic at 98196855222 to regain your poise and confidence today!

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