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Why You Might Consider Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) at Evolve Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai.

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You don’t have to want to look like a bodybuilder to be frustrated by the lack of a masculine chest. “Male breasts” is a term that just doesn’t sound right. Unfortunately, it is the most compassionate term used to describe the condition that your doctor calls gynecomastia.

We don’t need to mention the other terms.

We suspect you know what they are.

What we want to discuss here is the value of recognizing that gynecomastia is a very real, very common condition that robs a man of the expected muscle tone he expects to enjoy throughout his life. Whether your goal is to look sculpted or simply have a flat, masculine contour to your chest, we know how to help you. We know that diet and exercise don’t do the trick for every man who has excess fatty tissue on his chest. We also know why.

Why Gynecomastia Surgery is a Necessity?

If you describe yourself as relatively healthy and close to your ideal body weight, but you have excess breast tissue, you may need help reversing this condition. Gynecomastia may occur for several reasons. With true gynecomastia, weight is not one of them. Men with true gynecomastia are not dealing with an overabundance of fat on their entire bodies. They are dealing with excess fatty and glandular tissue in the breast area only. In many cases, the underlying issue is some type of disruption to hormone balance. Regardless, without proper attention to the excess breast tissue, male breast enlargement may continue to be a frustrating and unsolvable problem for years even if hormone regulation is achieved.

The Rewards of Gynecomastia Surgery Won’t Surprise You.

Gynecomastia is a medical term, but it is not a medical condition in the way that common diseases are. Having enlarged male breasts does not mean you have breast cancer. It doesn’t even mean that your risk of breast cancer is higher than the average man. It simply means that you have more breast tissue than is the norm. Addressing male breasts, then, is not a matter of physical health. It is, however, a matter of emotional health. You may know exactly what we mean. If you have breasts that are large for a man, you might feel so self-conscious that you will not go shirtless. Ever. Unless you are alone in the shower. You might wear some sort of compression vest or loose clothing to hide the shape of your chest. These are strategies that might help to some degree, but they do not eliminate the reflection you see in the mirror. Surgery will.

Male breast reduction surgery seems to be a relatively new plastic surgery technique. It may not be as innovative as you imagine, though. Depending on your circumstances, Dr Samir Ahire may perform a very familiar procedure to sculpt your chest, liposuction. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure that carefully sculpts a localized area by removing excess fatty tissue. You may also need to have some or all of the glandular tissue in your breasts removed. This is simple, straightforward excision. If your gynecomastia is related to weight and you have lost a significant amount, you may benefit from male breast reduction surgery that includes liposuction, gland removal, and also a lift that tightens the skin overlying your chest muscles.

Dr. Ahire has performed many gynecomastia procedures and has a strong track record for outstanding treatment outcomes. To explore what can be done to correct your male breast enlargement, text or call at Evolve Cosmetic Clinic at 9819685222. We understand the toll that gynecomastia can take and we are here to help you move forward with optimal confidence!

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