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Boob Job FAQs – Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting Breast Silicone Implants

Boob Jobs are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women. New,g a Boob Job innovative techniques have made boob job surgery safer, more natural, and practically customizable. You’re likely already aware that surgery can increase your breast size. However, a boob job can also correct asymmetry and lift sagging breasts for a more youthful look. If you’re thinking about getting a boob job, implant size, incision technique, and the type of implant you choose are all factors you will need to consider before scheduling surgery. Knowing what to expect and having realistic expectations are key to ensuring your surgery is successful. Follow along as we take you through everything you should know before getting a boob job.

Where is the Best Place to Get a Boob Job in India?
A boob job may be cosmetic procedure, but it is still a real surgery with risks and potential complications. Avoid surgeons who say they can perform surgery in their office or anywhere other than a Clinic or hospital. You should only get a boob job at an accredited hospital or medical center. Certified plastic surgeons are specialists, so they are accredited to operate in hospitals.

Always ask your surgeon:
Where will you be performing my surgery?
Who will be my anesthestist? What are their qualifications/credentials?
Is there a separate recovery facility?
Who does the Best Boob Job in India? – Cosmetic Doctors & Cosmetic Surgeons vs. a Specialist Plastic Surgeon
If you search for boob jobs online, and you’ll likely notice that it isn’t hard to find a place offering the surgery. However, not all surgeons are the same. Depending on their training and experience, some surgeons are more qualified than others.
Stay away from ‘pop up breast clinics’ and doctors who claim to be boob job experts but don’t have the proper credentials.

Who Are the Best Boob Job Surgeons in India?
You may find an overwhelming number of plastic surgeons offering boob jobs near you. But it is important to remember that only some surgeons are specialist plastic surgeons. Specialist plastic surgeons have the most training and are the most qualified to perform boob jobs. The best surgeons in India are those that have the proper credentials, as well as years of experience performing boob job surgery using various techniques. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential surgeons to just those who are qualified, it will be easier to choose the best one for you. Look for great online reviews, great patient photos and a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with.
Breast Implants will not last a lifetime. You will most likely need follow-up surgery and care. Make sure you choose someone that is reliable and will support you in the long term.

Boob Job FAQs

What is the Perfect Boob Job?
Most people have their own idea of the “perfect boob job.” You may believe that your breasts are too big, too small, not perky enough, or asymmetrical. The perfect boob job should give you a flattering breast size and shape, perky or lifted breasts, and upper pole fullness (fullness at the top of your breasts). Desired cleavage and “side boob” are factors to consider when choosing your implants’ size. Women with a smaller frame may choose smaller implants, while curvier women will be better suited for larger implants. Likewise, if you have a slimmer physique, you will likely not be a good candidate for 400cc high profile implants. Your surgeon will work with you to create the best breast shape and size for your body.

What are the Best Boob Implants? – How to choose the right Boob Implants
There are several different types of breast implants, each with its own advantages. The most common types are saline, silicone, and tear drop implants. The best breast implants in India are from Motiva and Mentor and Nagor.

Silicone implants are pre-filled with a much thicker silicone material, which feels more comparable to a real breast. Because of this, silicone implants typically look more natural than saline implants and feel softer. However, they also pose a greater potential risk if they rupture or break. While a ruptured saline implant would be immediately visible and show typical symptoms such as rippling or a significant decrease in size, a ruptured silicone implant may go unnoticed until it becomes a medical emergency.

Tear drop implants or “gummy bear implants” are the newest type of breast implant. They are gel-based implants that are known to retain their shape and provide more natural results than both silicone and saline. Tear drop implants have a soft, natural feel, thanks to the thick gel inside. They are also known for their teardrop shape, as opposed to the classic round shape of silicone and saline implants. If you’re looking for a more natural boob job, with less fullness at the top and a natural droop at the bottom of your breasts, gummy bear implants may be a great choice.

Do Boob Implants Feel Different Than Real Breasts?
How your implants feel will ultimately depend on the type of implant you choose. The most natural implants are typically silicone, including gummy bear implants. The thicker gels feel more natural than saline and retain their shape without appearing stiff. The size of your implants will also influence how they feel. If your implants are too big for your chest, they may feel tight and unnatural. Collaborating with your surgeon to choose the perfect size and type of implants will ensure they feel as natural as possible.

Boob Job FAQs Fat Transfer
Fat Transfer Boob Job – A Boob Job using your OWN fat.
You may be surprised to learn that not all boob jobs require implants. Fat transfer boob jobs involve using liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and injecting it into your breasts. This option is perfect if you’re only seeking a small increase in breast size or if you’re hoping to restore symmetry. Boob jobs with fat are also less invasive than implants. Of course, only women with excess fat are suitable candidates for this procedure. Common areas where fat may be removed for a fat transfer boob job include:

Getting a Boob Job After Weight Loss
Losing a significant amount of weight can have a big impact on the size and shape of your breasts. You may notice that your breasts appear flat or saggy with loose and stretched skin. Furthermore, your breasts may no longer flatter your shape and new frame. The best way to correct these issues is with a breast lift and breast augmentation. In these procedures, the breasts are strategically lifted, loose skin is removed, and your overall breast size is increased. The result is fuller, perkier breasts with a natural lift.

Should you Tell Work You’re Getting a Boob Job or Plastic Surgery
One of the questions you might be wondering before having a boob job is how to tell your employer that you’re having plastic surgery. The truth is, you can divulge as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing. Just keep in mind that you may need to take off additional time for follow up visits and may have to limit physically demanding aspects of your job for the first few weeks back. So, while you don’t have to tell your boss that you’re getting a boob job, alerting them that you will have a minor surgery may be in your best interest.

Things to Do Before your Boob Job Surgery
Preparing for surgery may seem like work, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t also be fun. Once you’ve done all your research and scheduled the big day, you may experience mild anxiety in the days leading up to your surgery. Rest assured, you’ll be in perfectly capable hands, but try some of these fun activities to ward off those butterflies:
Go shopping for new tops, dresses, and bras
Gather and stack pillows in areas where you’ll be resting and recovering after surgery
Prepare and freeze a supply of meals so you don’t have to cook after surgery
Do a photoshoot of “before” pictures
Have dinner with friends and family

Will a Boob Job affect the sensation in my nipples?
Unfortunately, some women do experience loss of nipple sensation after a boob job. However, this is much more common in breast reductions than in breast augmentations. So, although you may lose some feeling in your nipples immediately after surgery due to swelling, it will likely return once you have fully recovered. You can expect your breasts and nipples to feel normal again after a few months. If you experience prolonged loss of sensation or severe numbness, contact your surgeon immediately.

Will a Boob Job affect Breastfeeding later in life?
If you’re of childbearing age, you may be wondering if having a boob job will be safe or interfere with your ability to breastfeed. The good news is that there have been no reports of clinical problems associated with infants breastfed by mothers with silicone implants. Studies have also shown that women who have had breast augmentation can produce milk. You may have difficulty producing a full supply of milk after breast surgery, but breast milk can be supplemented for a successful breastfeeding experience. You should discuss your plans to breastfeed with your surgeon and lactation specialist.

When can I Exercise After a Boob Job?
Full recovery from a boob job typically takes between four and six weeks. During recovery, you may wonder when you can begin to implement your regular exercise regimen. You can start light walking immediately after surgery for the most part, and slowly introduce more intense forms of cardio activity after two weeks. Aside from heavy lifting, you should be able to resume all activity in about a month. Take it slow, listen to your body, and consult your surgeon to resume regular exercise safely.

Do I have Ruptured Boobs? – When Breast Implants fail
You will also need to have your implants replaced if they rupture or break. As we previously discussed, silicone implants may not show any visible symptoms of rupturing. This is known as a “silent rupture.” Still, typical signs of a ruptured implant include:
Misshapen breast
Decrease in breast size
Pain and discomfort in breasts
Firmness and/or swelling

Do I need Boob Job Revision Surgery?
Breast revision surgery is essential to ensure your implants are updated with the newest innovations and look and feel as natural as possible. Boob jobs don’t last forever, and implants generally need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. If you are no longer satisfied with the appearance of your breast implants, breast revision surgery can correct problem areas and help you regain full, natural-shaped breasts. Breast revision surgery is also a great option if you’re experiencing:

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