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KT- 28yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

I had consulted with 2 other Plastic Surgeons in my area, before consulting with Dr.Samir. I got the chance to speak extensively with his samhita over the phone before meeting him in person. I had so many questions, and I wanted to *really* be sure. Little did I know how much meeting him changed my life. I finally found Dr. Samir checked out his credentials - got the chance to correspond with two of his patients via the internet & phone, and that was a breath of fresh air. I hope I can explain this in a way you can understand, I'm not good at words, but that consultation I had with Dr. Samir changed me, showed me there ARE great doctors out there that have a heart and WANT to please and be attentive to their patients. Dr. Samir let ME talk and ask as MANY questions as I wanted. He then answered EVERY email in a timely fashion - very quickly.
He is a very soft-spoken gentleman who always has a smile on his face and is glad to see you. He is very concerned with your thoughts and your input more so then any other doctor I've met. For some reason after leaving the consult with him, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to perform surgery on me. I went over galleries of pictures of patients he has done, and was impressed very much.
He is proof that if you find an excellent surgeon your post-op recovery may not be so bad, although I am aware this varies with everybody. It was the BEST consult I have ever gotten. I would highly recommend him to ANYBODY.
I can't believe the breasts he blessed me with, they are better then I ever imagined thanks to his skill. He fulfilled every dream I had about "My dream breasts." What I envisioned that I wanted - he delivered. I will forever be grateful for finding Dr. Samir.

JM- 32yo,Breast Augmentation

I am writing to thank you all for making my surgery as pleasant an experience as possible. Your professionalism and kindness was evident from our first consultation, and each post-op visit has been a pleasure. I pray that God will continue to bless your practice, as you are a gifted surgeon.

CB- 50yo,Breast Augmentation

Thought you would like to know that I had a FANTASTIC day today! I went shopping, and this is the first time in my 50 years of life that shopping for clothes was wonderful! Trying on tops and seeing how they looked was incredible. I felt like crying with joy in the dressing room while trying on bras. I feel GREAT!

CR- 40yo, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

I went to my OB for my yearly exam, and she said that the procedures I had done were the best she had ever seen! She couldn't believe how real the breasts looked and felt. I need to get some of your cards to hand out next time. Thanks again!

NF-32yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

I would recommend Dr. Samir for ANYONE seeking a breast augmentation. Dr. SAMIR is an Artist!! His office staff is very professional from the first phone call made. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Samir.

SM- 40yo, Body Contouring after Gastric Bypass (testimonial submitted to

He is wonderful!

CQ- 28yo,Breast Augmentation

I am writing to thank you all for making my surgery as pleasant an experience as possible. Your professionalism and kindness was evident from our first consultation, and each post-op visit has been a pleasure. I pray that God will continue to bless your practice, as you are a gifted surgeon.

JD- 33yo, Breast Augmentation Revision

Thank you so much! My trust and faith in you has grown into admiration. God bless you, your family and your staff now, in the New Year, and through all the years to come! I'm looking forward to growing old with you- HaHa!

FK- 45yo, Breast Augmentation

I just wanted to say thank you for spending time and explaining everything in detail like you did, you have no idea how much that helped in making my decision, I was indeed impressed! You have my complete trust'and thank the staff also, they were great!

KW- 32yo,Breast Augmentation

You and your staff have been extremely helpful and very supportive before, during and after my surgery. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me.

CB- 50yo,Breast Augmentation

It is amazing the changes I have been through this past week. Monday morning I was so apprehensive as to my decisions and so worried that the life changing decision I was making was possibly going to be something I would regret the rest of my life. From that to relief and then feeling so much better as each hour passes! It is unbelievable!
I hope you never lose the standards that you hold now. They make you a great doctor! My husband and I had complete trust that we were in good hands. That means a lot. We were putting our future in your hands so to speak, and that is a great responsibility. Thanks for not letting us down.

KT- 28yo, Breast Augmentation

Good Afternoon Dr. Samir Wow, thanks a lot for the wonderful card in the mail, how professional! I was shocked... never had ANY doctor give me a card, especially HAND written from the surgeon himself. Thank you. You are in a class all of your own.... truly a class act all the way.
I wish every woman getting breast implants had a surgeon like you. You made me feel SO good...and I'm still in shock that you got the implant size AND CC amount to EXACTLY what I dreamed of...
You are so awesome in what you do... Your staff made me feel so comfortable. I really can't say enough good things about it. So Thank you isn't good enough for what you gave me inside... and what you're about to give me for many years to come..... Thank you again. I really cherish my time in Ft Lauderdale at your office. Hope you & your staff have a wonderful week in Lauderdale... Keep up the GREAT Work... You are very special to MANY!!!

VB- 50yo, Breast Augmentation Revision

I want to thank you and your staff for your kindness and patience. Thank you for answering all my questions by email, on the phone and in person. I have never met a doctor like you! I hope you never change! I am very pleased with the results of my surgery. You are a very talented and conscientious doctor.

CC- 26yo, Breast Augmentation Revision

I just wanted to thank you for the surgery you performed last week. I am very pleased with the results! I am doing very well! I'm still very surprised at how less painful it was this time around. No bruises whatsoever!

DR- 62yo,Breast Augmentation

Thank you so much for your attention to detail and the care you deliver.

Cathy- 28yo,Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

Nicole, I chose Dr. Samir because I liked his overall caring personality. I like a doctor with a bedside manner. He truly cares. His technique is wonderful. I had minimal pain. A lot less than I expected and nothing compared to childbirth like I have read. I am 2 days post op now and I feel great but trying to rest anyway to not overdo it.
Dr. Samir walked me through this whole thing. He answered every question and emailed me back every single time. I highly recommend him!!! So far I haven't any reason not to refer him clients and I don't think I will. His staff is amazing! I had 350 implant filled to 440. I did areola incision and he lowered my crease a bit. He did an outstanding job from what I can see at 2 days post. Thanks for recommending him, please share this with anyone who may be considering him!

RC- 27yo, Body Contouring after Gastric Bypass (testimonial submitted to

I had my lift and tummy tuck, and I LOVE the new me. All that nasty excess skin is gone and you could bounce a quarter off my abs now they're so tight! My surgeon, Dr Samir, did an incredible job. He is truly an artist, and I can't rave enough about him, his office, his demeanor, everything. His office even sent me flowers the day I was discharged from the hospital! He is, by far, the most personable surgeon I have ever met and would HIGHLY recommend him. He is NOT one of these "doc-in-the-boxes" you can find if you want cheap and quick. If you want quality, and you want someone with impeccable credentials, Dr. Samir is it!
I also had my breasts lifted at the same time. Believe it or not, they did not hurt at all! He cut around the nipple on each and removed the redundant skin. Now, they don't look like they did when I was 20, because I did not want an implant. At a size 4, and I am already a full C cup, I have a hard enough time shopping for clothes as it is. I sure don't want to be any bigger! They do, however, look much, much better. They don't point south anymore! .

ND- 68yo, Facelift

I cannot tell you thank you enough- I hope you know the feeling is one of real appreciation! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. You're really special!

LM- Daughterof a Facelift Patient

Thank you for being so wonderful with my Mom!

KT- 24yo, Microdermabrasion

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your help with my decision to have microdermabrasion. You were very thorough in your explanations, and you always make me feel welcome in your office!

PW- 53yo, Collagen Injections

Just a note to say Thank You for my treatment yesterday, and to let you know it was a comfortable procedure with very little pain. You and your staff are very professional and friendly- it was a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. I look forward to seeing you again.

EW- 28yo,Facial Laceration Repair

Everyone is telling me you did a great job with the stitches! Thank you again so much!

NR- 44yo, Facial Laceration

Thank you for the excellent care you provided for my lip. It appears to be healing perfectly!

CB- 50yo, Breast Augmentation

Hello Dr. Samir: Just thought you would like to know that I just had my yearly mammogram done today. It was the easiest one I ever had. They took separate pictures of my breast tissue and of the implants. They have a machine that shows the pictures right away so I got to see each one as soon as they were taken. It was pretty cool. I got to see the implant! The technician said you did a great job!

DL- 27yo, Treatment of Gynecomastia

Greetings! I must say my follow up pics are going to blow the ones on your website away. What a big difference than before, great job! It's amazing the changes your body goes through after the procedure. Some days you think its great, sometimes you forget what it was like and it just feels normal again, etc. Everything has "snapped" back into place in the past two months. I get compliments ALL the time and feel so much healthier now not carrying all that weight around. It also has made working out more enjoyable because you can see results quicker--great job is all I have to say!

KT- 28yo,Breast Augmentation

Good afternoon to the most skilled plastic surgeon in Mumbai! I thought I would drop you a quick email to inform you that WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!! I can't quit looking at them. I am SO happy I found you to do my surgery. Thank You... You made a big improvement in my life as well as my spouses'. He is equally overjoyed and thankful as I am. I am amazed at how each day I improve. The size is perfecto! Couldn't pick a better size for me than what you gave me. I love these babies, and I can't say thank you enough.
Happy Revis Girl in Tampa!

SP- 31yo, Breast Augmentation

The patience, understanding and courtesy of the nursing staff really made me feel confident and reassured.

LS- 52yo, Facelift

I have to say I was very impressed with your office, your staff has been very polite and professional, and I enjoyed the way I was treated and informed.

KW- 34yo, Implant Exchange

Dear Dr. Samir and Staff: I want to personally thank you for the wonderful outcome of my procedure. I am very happy. I also want to thank Suzanne and Deb for their continued support and professionalism. You three are a great team and come highly recommended!

MK- 29yo, Body Contouring after Gastric Bypass

Thank you for helping me achieves my goals. I feel so much better now. I know I have a journey ahead of me, but your work makes it feel worth it.

CB- 31yo, Breast Augmentation

Thank you so much. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to have you for my doctor. You made what could have been a very scary and emotional time a lot easier for me because I knew I was in good hands! Thank you so much for your kindness.

DB- 38yo, Body Sculpting

I can't even begin to express how the surgery has changed my life. I had lipo of thighs & abdomen on 6/12/13. I was never over weight but had problem areas that would not go away no matter how hard I worked out or dieted. I am a marathon runner and still had my little tummy and saddlebags. At 38, I decided it was time to get rid of them...and thank God for Dr. Samir- they are gone. It is less than 2 months later, and I have lost over 2 inches in each thigh and the same amount in the abdomen. My whole figure has changed. I have actually lost about 8 pounds...but people think I lost 20 because of the change in my shape. Dr. Samir is the best of the best and not only as a surgeon, but as an artist!

CC- 21yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

Very friendly and makes you feel totally comfortable.

Victoria- Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

Dr. Samir is a very talented and conscientious doctor. He cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!

Anonymous- Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

Professional, very personable and made me feel very comfortable. His staff was very attentive in both pre and post procedure. I like the personalized attention.

JC- 19yo, Breast Augmentation

Hi Dr Samir! Thank you again for the great work that you did. I am so happy with my results!

LL- 57yo, Breast Augmentation Revision and Blepharoplasty

Dear Dr. Samir: You are my angel, my knight, my savior- and thank you is too mere a suggestion. After so much past disappointment I can finally feel secure, comforted, and definitely confident that this is the final procedure. I am ecstatically joyful and pleased because of you. You are a marvel of artistry and perfection and my intuition about you has been proven. Your kindness, patience and understanding, and compassion are a tribute to your world of cosmetic surgery. How lucky I was to have found you.

JG- 57yo, Body Contouring after Gastric Bypass (Lower Body Lift)

Many thanks for walking me through the process of "new beginnings." I am looking forward to placing my surgery and recovery in the hands of Dr. Samir and his most professional staff.

Anonymous- Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

I am so happy with my decision to go to Dr.Samir for my surgery. I was always very comfortable with him and his staff. They took very good care of me throughout the entire procedure.My results are fantastic!

RS- 30yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

My name is Angel and I am 30-years-old. I wanted to write this testimonial to share my experience with those seeking information and/or considering breast augmentation.
After, surgery I was in a bit more pain than I anticipated, that lasted a good 4-5 days. By the time the "swelling" went down, and the implants fell completely into the breast pocket I was the new owner of sexy cleavage and beautiful breast. I have zero regrets and am 110% pleased. Scaring is very minimal. Clothes fit so much better. I love the new bounce in my breast. If you're considering breast augmentation, Dr. Samir is the doctor.

SN- Potential Rhinoplasty Patient (testimonial submitted to

Dear Dr. Samir: The favor of such a highly personalized response (especially on a Saturday) is most greatly appreciated, as is your concern for my schedule. Your time in directly responding to my previous e-mail is greatly appreciated as I have an intimate understanding of the difficulties associated with such a busy practice. In an era of depersonalized medical service this stands out from the norm. Thank You Again!

Anonymous- Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

I was very hesitant when having this surgery because I had breast enhancement about 2 years ago with a different doctor and I hated my breast the week following surgery. They were deformed w/ a huge lump on top that made me look like a wrestler. I kept asking Dr. Samir questions about my concerns and he was there everytime w/ an answer to ease my insecurity. He is the most patient and understanding doctor and his staff is "GREAT". I highly recommend him for any plastic surgery - especially breast enhancement (since i can back this up). They look so natural and real and soft - INCREDIBLE!!!! I even told my boss here at work that I was going to cut off holes on front of every jacket i owned to expose my pretty breast!!! Seriously, Dr. Revis and his staff were great.

ER- 24yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to

I waited to do this until I was about three months post-opt because I wanted to be able to express just how much I LOVE my results. After the first week I really started to love them and now I cannot even remember what I looked like before and why I waited so long. Dr. Samir made me look exactly how I wanted to look and I am SOOOOO HAPPY that after all the consultations I had I went with him. Many of my friends have went to Dr. Samir as well, and ALL HIS RESULTS ARE PERFECT!!!! WE ALL LOVE HIM and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Revis to anyone!!!

Bellinda- 48 yo Breast Augmentation with a Lift (testimonial submitted to

He's the best!

Jayashri- 19yo, Breast Augmentation

Dr. Samir is a great doctor. From the moment I met him and his staff I knew I would do my surgery with them. He listened to all of my questions and concerns and made sure I felt 100% comfortable. And now I look wonderful! I could not be happier! Thank you Dr. Samir.

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