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What is an Implanter Pen?

The basics of how hair transplant implanter pens work. An implanter pen is an instrument used by physicians to transfer follicular hair unit grafts onto the scalp – a follicular unit typically contains anywhere from one to four healthy hairs. This device was first invented in the 1990s by Yung Chul Chou of the Kyungpook National University, who designed the device to reduce the amount of labor involved during hair transplants as well as to reduce the amount of direct physical contact to the recipient’s scalp. By minimizing the amount of direct physical contact, the scalp experiences less trauma during the procedure and can heal more quickly. An implanter pen also shortens the amount of time that the follicular unit spends outside of the body, which in turn increases its odds of survivability.

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How do Implanter Pens Work?
During a hair transplant, the physician first removes the follicular units from the donor zone, either as a strip from the back of the scalp (as with Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) or individually (as with Follicular Unit Extraction). These follicular units are then dissected and rearranged into grafts that are ready for reinsertion into the scalp. Once the grafts are prepared, they are then carefully loaded into the needle of the implanter pen using special forceps. Usually an assistant will perform this loading process for multiple pens and hand them to the physician one-by-one as needed throughout the course of the procedure. Next, the physician instantly creates a recipient site by pressing down on the pen’s plunger, injecting the graft through the needle and into the scalp.

What Benefits at Evolve Clinic

AT EVOLVE COSSMETIC CLINIC The Choi Implanter Pen provides a very precise outcome and can also improve the survival rate of the hair follicle once it has been removed by reducing the amount of times the hair follicle is touched. Due to the precision of the Choi Implanter Pen, the patient can benefit from reduced trauma to the scalp, meaning scarring is minimised as the follicles are implanted one by One.

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